New Beginnings

So does this first post make me ‘official’?  I mean, like seriously?  Will someone besides my mother and husband actually read it?  I don’t believe you.  I suppose I should use this dauntingly huge blank space to tell you a little about me, my growing business, and my loves.  For anyone that just cannot get enough details…well, I’ll do my best and check back often for future posts.

My name is Susan. I am a wife, a mother, a lover of food, and a total wanna be crafter.  Last week, my husband and I celebrated our baby girl’s first birthday which to both of us seemed to come way too soon.


Amelia’s first birthday served as a greater day of reflection for me than the recently passed New Year, and although I spent a majority of it running errands in my pajamas–you know the pair that you have that you hope no one else realizes is pajamas–buying party decorations and pork butt, I also kept thinking about all that Amelia and I had done together and all that I had accomplished (or put off) in the 365 days since she entered my life.  Reflecting on her first year made me want to do more with her, for her, and quite honestly–without her.  Anyone that knows me (hopefully) knows that my role as a mother is my priority. However, I can envision a place where I am most content and frankly just a more balanced person while doing something for myself as well.  And so Susan&Spice was born.

Susan&Spice is my dream.  I personal chef, plan and cater events, and even teach a cooking class every so often.  If you’re interested, you can learn more from the Personal Chef page.  I’m confident (minus the ‘braised’ artichokes that had the texture of shoe leather OR the risotto I once served that could chip a tooth) in my creativity and ability in the kitchen.  However, blogging is a different story. I’m so incredibly excited and terrified to share what inspires me in the kitchen.  I keep telling my husband, ‘What can I possibly add to cyberspace that has not previously been said a thousand times over? Isn’t it narcissistic to think that my view is unique?’  He smiles and tries to convince me that (of course!) my view is unique.  Still, half of me remains skeptical.  But, the other half (I would like to think the smarter half) says, “what the hell…go for it.”

Please understand, I have been reading food blogs for years.  I’ve sat down at my desk with ‘dinner’ – a tuna fish sandwich – and literally drooled over them.  The beautiful photos of a pistachio poised delicately on the prong of a fork.  The blood orange that is captured mid-slice as juice soars through the air with an ethereal glow.  God Bless the people with the patience to capture those photos.  I’ve come to accept that I am not one of them.

I’m a real cook with a passion for spices and fresh ingredients.  I have a lot of experience (with the burns and cuts to prove it), but I am forever learning.  I hope to let my food and heart lead the way, and let the rest (like my photos), follow.  And if the stars all align, hopefully I will inspire you to learn something new as well.

Whew. I’m glad this FIRST post is complete–it can stress a lady out.  Let me take this last bit of space to say:

THANK YOU to my sister Therin for your help with my business name!  Apparently, the 15th time is the charm!

THANK YOU to my cousin Caitlin DuPree for your logo genius! You are brilliant and so great at what you do!

And thanks to you for reading.  Time to go cook…

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